What Are Some Museums Where You Can See Lee Reynolds Paintings?

What Are Some Museums Where You Can See Lee Reynolds Paintings?

Lee Reynolds paintings can be found at many museums including the Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, the Columbus Museum, the Miami Art Museum, the Palladium of American Art and the Kauai Museum. Reynolds' work can also be seen at various public locations including Los Angeles International Airport, Harrods in London, Radisson Hotels International and the Joe Robbie Stadium in Miami.

Lee Reynolds, whose birth name was Lee Reynolds Burr, was born in Los Angeles in 1936 and attended the University of Southern California, where he obtained his BFA.

Reynolds is a prominent American artist whose work is valued equally by fine art and casual art collectors. His work, which has a distinctive style, began appearing in prominent collections in the 1980s.

Reynolds was the principal founder of Vanguard Studios of America in the late 1960s. Taken on as a side project, he ensured that the organization became an international source of cutting-edge artwork. In the 1980s, Reynolds liquidated his interest in Vanguard when he was confident that he had contributed all he could to its development.

Reynolds' general artwork produced to be sold bore the signature Lee Reynolds. His personal works, however, are signed either as Lee Burr or carry the artist's full signature, Lee Reynolds Burr.