What Municipalities Are in Canada's Region of Peel

What Municipalities Are in Canada's Region of Peel

Municipalities in Canada’s Region of Peel are Brampton, Mississauga and Caledon. After Toronto municipality, the Region of Peel is the second largest municipality in the Province of Ontario.

Also referred to as the Peel Region, it has a total surface area of 1,246 square kilometers with a population of 1.29 million people, according to the 2011 census. Out of this population, 713, 443 people were living in Mississauga and 523,911 people in Brampton, while only 59,460 residents were inhabitants of Caledon. Most of the people in the Region of Peel’s population are young.

The region is home to Toronto Pearson International Airport and seven 400-series highways. The region of Peel is a highly developed municipality with a vibrant socio-political setup. Its three municipalities are led by a council headed by a chairperson. In addition, each of the three municipalities has a mayor.

There are well-established social structures to serve the residents. Examples of such structures are water delivery, arterial roads, waste collection, regional police and judicial and social services. Public housing, wastewater treatment and waste disposal are also available. Other services include paramedic services, emergency services, childcare services, public health and long term health care centers.

While the Ontario Provincial Police force is responsible for security along the highways, the Peel Regional Police Force serves the local municipalities. Education is available at the public schools or the catholic private schools.