How Much Does the Triborough Bridge Toll Cost?

As of March 22, 2015, the toll for a car to cross the Robert F. Kennedy Bridge, otherwise known as the Triborough Bridge, is $8, according to the Metropolitan Transportation Authority. If the driver has the E-ZPass auto pay service, the toll is $5.54.

As of March 22, 2015, vehicles over 7,000 pounds pay a $16 toll. With the E-ZPass service, it is $10. Vehicles with three to seven axles pay $26, $33, $43, $50 and $62, respectively. After 7 axles, the price goes up an additional $9 per axle. With the E-ZPass, three to seven axles cost $16.39, $20.95, $27.31, $31.87 and $38.23, respectively. After seven axles, an additional $6.39 is applied per axle.