How Much Bigger Is Australia Than the U.K.?


Australia is 31.5 times larger in total area than United Kingdom. Australia is 2.968 million square millions, and the United Kingdom is 94,058 square miles. The United Kingdom is 3 percent of the size of Australia.

As of 2014, Australia has 23.2 million people and the U.K. has 63.2 million people (the U.K. is 2.7 times bigger). The real GDP of Australia is $867.2 billion per year and the U.K. is $2.433 trillion per year (the U.K. is 2.8 times bigger). The GDP per capital in Australia it is $67,468 and in the U.K. is $39,351 (Australia is 1.7 times larger). Australia has 13.9 million vehicles and the U.K. has 32.3 million vehicles (the U.K. is 2.3 times bigger).