How Much Bigger Is Alaska Than Texas?

Alaska is approximately twice as large as the state of Texas. Alaska is the largest state in the United States with a land area that measures 570,641 square miles, while Texas is the second largest state, measuring 261,232 square miles. Alaska's land mass covers a large territory that equals one-fifth of the entire continental U.S.

Alaska's northern and western borders feature an undulating shape, and chains of islands form the southwestern and southeastern corners. From its northernmost point to southern tip, Alaska spans a distance of about 1,420 miles. From west to east, that distance covers approximately 2,500 miles. In addition to outsizing Texas, Alaska contains more water and a longer coastline. Alaska's water supplies derive from lakes, streams and rivers. It contains more than 3 million large lakes, covering areas of 20 acres or more. Its longest coast covers more than 6,000 miles, while the coastline of Texas spans approximately 367 miles.

The northernmost point in the United States, called Point Barrow, and the westernmost point, called Cape Wrangell, are located in Alaska as well. The tallest mountain in North America, Mount McKinley, also lies in Alaska's borders. At 20,230 feet, Mount McKinley towers above Guadalupe Peak, the highest point in Texas, which stands 8,749 feet above sea level at its summit. However, despite covering more land than Texas, Texas beats Alaska with a population density more than 80 times greater.