How Does the MTA New York Trip Planner Work?


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The MTA trip planner allows users to plan their trips on the New York City public transportation system according to time, destination and transportation type. Users input their starting point, destination, and the time they want to arrive or time they are leaving. Then, the trip planner produces a route.

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Users may also define their trip preferences further. The MTA trip planner allows users to pick from subway routes, bus routes, express bus routes and rail routes, or a combination of these different types of public transportation. Users can also minimize fares, walking, transfers and travel time in the MTA trip planner's additional options. The planner allows users to define the walking distance up to 1 mile.

Other optional preferences available to users include the ability to specify how they want to begin and end their trips. Users may choose to start or end their trips by train, bus or express bus. At the same time, users may also specify what route they prefer to utilize. There is an option for handicap-accessible routes.

The MTA trip planner is available online and also in a mobile version, as of 2015. In addition, the MTA offers two widget versions of the trip planner, as well as a point-to-point schedule. Aside from the custom trip planner, users can also plan routes using the Service in the Area planner and by consulting the bus and train schedules.

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