What Mountains Are in Africa?

Mountains in Africa include Mount Kilimanjaro, the Atlas Mountains, Mount Kenya, Mount Meru, the Simien Mountains, Mount Elgon and The Drakensberg. The High Atlas Mountains are located in central Morocco, while the Simien Mountains in Ethiopia are home to a UNESCO World Heritage site. Additional mountain ranges in Africa include the Ahaggar Mountains, the Ahmar mountains, Mount Cameroon, Mount Nimba and the Tibesti Mountains.

The tallest mountain in Africa is Kibo, a dormant volcano in Ethiopia that is part of Kilimanjaro, with a peak of 19,341 feet. The second-highest peak in Africa belongs to the Kenyan Mount Kenya, with peaks including Batian at 17,057 feet, Nelion at 17,021 feet and Point Lenana at 16,355 feet.

Other tall mountains in descending order include Mawenzi in Tanzania; Ngaliema and Mt Stanley, located in both the Democratic Republic of Congo and Uganda; Mount Speke of Vittorio Emanuele Peak in Uganda; Edward Peak in Uganda; Umberto Peak in the Democratic Republic of Congo; and Mount Meru of the Socialist Peak in Tanzania.

Mountain ranges in Tanzania include the Usambara Mountains, the Uluguru Mountains, the Udzungwa Mountains, the Pare Mountains, the Mahale Mountains, the Kipengere Range, Kilimanjaro and Meru, and the Eastern Arc Mountains. Mountains in South Africa include those in the Swartberg, Outeniqua, Magaliesberg and Cederberg. The Semien, Erta Ale Range, Entoto Mountains, Bale Mountains and Amaro Mountains are located in Ethiopia.