What Are Some Mountain Man Rendezvous Sites?


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Some Mountain Man Rendezvous sites are Burnt Fork, Wyoming, held in 1825; Cache Valley, Utah, held in 1826 and 1831; Sweet Lake or present-day Laketown, Utah, held in 1827 and 1828; Lander, Wyoming, held in 1829; and Riverton, Wyoming, held in 1830 and 1838. Other Mountain Man Rendezvous sites include Pierre’s Hole, Idaho in 1832; Daniel, Wyoming in 1833 and again from 1835 to 1837 and 1839 to 1840; and Granger, Wyoming in 1834.

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The Mountain Man Rendezvous, also known as the Rocky Mountain Rendezvous, was an annual gathering held by a fur trading company between 1825 and 1840 at various locations. At the gathering, trappers and mountain men replenished their supplies and sold hides and furs, meaning each site had to be big enough to accommodate thousands of people and to provide ample water and grazing space for thousands of horses. Access to supply trains in St. Louis was also a consideration, as was access to Fort Vancouver and the Pacific Northwest’s trade routes and Missouri River ports such as St. Joseph, Missouri.

Mountain Man Rendezvous campsites spread for several miles. Thirteen of the 16 total meetings took place west of the Continental Divide, and six were held in areas that were Mexican territory at the time.

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