What Are Some Facts About Mount Makalu?

The fifth tallest mountain on earth, Mount Makalu stands 27,765 feet tall. It is a dual peak; its secondary peak, Chomolonzo, is north of the main peak and reaches 25,650 feet.

Mount Makalu is located in Asia, acting as the border between Nepal and Tibet and is part of the Himalayan mountain range. This range is also home to the highest peak in the world, Mount Everest, which is 14 miles east of Makalu. Makalu has been a part of Nepal's Makalu-Barun National Park and Conservation Area since its establishment in 1992. Since the first successful ascent of this mountain in 1955, there have been over 200 successful climbs and over 20 deaths, as of 2014.

Makalu is considered one of the most dangerous peaks to climb, mostly due to the sharp edges and pyramid shape of the top portion of the peak. The most common climbing route includes the north face and northeast ridge, which was the route the first successful group took.

The name is a form of a similar Sanskrit word often used as an alternate name for the Hindu god Shiva, and means Big Black. An alternative name is Kumba Karne, which means The Giant, according to Summit Post.