What Are Some Facts About Mount Hope Cemetery?


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Mount Hope Cemetery, which was designated in 1838, holds more than 80 mausoleums. It is a park-style cemetery open for public visits, and it covers an area of 196 acres. Rochester, New York, suffered a significant number of deaths associated with a cholera outbreak between 1832 and 1834, which drove the need for burial grounds and contributed to the opening of Mount Hope Cemetery.

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The cemetery is home to burial plots and tombstones marking the graves of several famous people from the Rochester area. Suffragist Susan B. Anthony and the city's founder, Nathaniel Rochester, are among the well-known residents who have final resting plots on the cemetery grounds.

The beauty of the landscape and the historic artistry of the architecture make Mount Hope a popular public attraction. Guided walking tours give visitors a taste of cultural highlights that include the 1874 Victorian Gothic gatehouse at the north entrance, the Moorish gazebo and the Florentine cast-iron fountain built in 1875.

Mount Hope continues to function as a burial site as of 2016, and it offers a variety of interment and cremation choices including green options. In the Garden of Renewal, green burials commit loved ones to the earth in biodegradable caskets, and the toxic presence of embalming chemicals is not permitted.

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