What Are Some Facts About Mount Baker?

Mount Baker is an active volcano located in Washington state that is very popular for skiing. The elevation of Mount Baker is 10,781 feet. It is the third largest mountain in Washington and the fifth largest in the Cascade Mountain Range.

Mount Baker is located approximately 30 miles from Bellingham, Wash. Mount Baker is the second most glaciated volcano in the Cascades after Mount Rainier. The largest glacier on Mount Baker is the Coleman Glacier, with a surface area of 1,280 acres. The other main glaciers on the mountain have surface areas in excess of 600 acres. Mount Baker is regarded as one of the snowiest places worldwide, and it set the world record for snowfall at a staggering 1,140 inches in a single season in 1999.

Mount Baker was given the name Mount Carmel by a Spanish explorer in 1790. It was then renamed by George Vancouver for 3rd Lieutenant Joseph Baker of the HMS Discovery, who saw it in 1792.

As of 2014, Mt. Baker had the second most thermally active crater in the Cascade Range after Mount Saint Helens. This crater, the Sherman Crater, was formed in 1843 from a large hydrovolcanic explosion. Other Cascade Range volcanoes include Mount Adams and Mount Hood, in addition to Mount Rainier.