What If You Missed the Toll in Illinois?

Drivers who miss paying tolls on Illinois highways can pay them online or by mail within seven days without penalty, reports Illinois Tollway. After seven days, the nonpayment becomes a violation, and drivers must pay a fine as well as the toll fee. Drivers who disagree with notices of toll violations can request administrative hearings to contest the violations.

Drivers paying tolls online at IllinoisTollway.com must enter their names, the license plate numbers of their cars, and the location, time and date of the toll infraction. The website has a virtual map to help drivers find the correct toll plaza and a trip calculator to figure the cost of the tolls. If they cannot locate the plaza, drivers must pay the maximum possible toll listed, as noted by the official website. To pay by mail, drivers download, print out and fill in a toll payment form and send it along with a check or money order to the payment address.

After three violations within a two-year period, drivers receive official notices of toll violations that include details and photos of the violation events, according to Illinois Tollway. If drivers do not pay the tolls and fines immediately, authorities may suspend their driving privileges and vehicle registration. If drivers want to dispute the violations, they can log into the online violation image database with their license plate number and violation notice number to check whether the photographic images are correct. If they find errors, they can dispute the notices online or by mail.