What Are Minnesota's Lakes?


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Minnesota, also known as "Land of 10,000 Lakes," has over 15,000 lakes that are larger than 10 acres. The number of lakes is so vast that many of the lakes' names are used multiple times. The 10 most commonly used lake names in Minnesota are Mud, Long, Rice, Bass and Round in addition to Horseshoe, Twin, Island, Johnson and Spring. The biggest lakes are the Red Lake, Mille Lacs Lake and Leech Lake.

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Red Lake is the largest lake with an area of 288,800 acres. It is divided into upper and lower segments due to its size. The second-largest lake is Mille Lacs Lake with a total water surface area of 132,516 acres, while Leech Lake has an area of 111,527 acres. The deepest inland lake in Minnesota is the Portsmouth Mine Pit with a depth of at least 450 feet, while the deepest natural lake is Lake Saganaga with a depth of 240 feet.

The largest bodies of waters are Lake Superior, with a water surface area of 20,364,800 acres, and Lake of the Woods, which covers an area of 962,700 total acres. Both lakes are "border lakes" since they are partially within the borders of Minnesota. For more lake names, LakeLoverTradingCompany.com offers an extensive list of Minnesota's most prominent lakes in each county.

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