Why Is Michigan Stadium Called "The Big House"?

Michigan Stadium is known as "The Big House" due to its large seating capacity. At over 100,000 seats, Michigan Stadium is the largest college football stadium in the United States, as of 2015. The stadium is also famous for hosting record-breaking crowds for its sporting events.

Michigan stadium is host to the Michigan Wolverines, a successful college football team with an enthusiastic and loyal fan base. The Big House has expanded seating capacity several times since it was originally opened in the late 1920s. After the first successful football season in 1927, capacity was increased to over 85,000 in 1928. More than 20 years passed before the next expansion, in 1949. By this time, crowd attendance was over 90,000. In 1956, the Michigan Sports Communications Center was added to the stadium, which provides seating for sports press among its amenities. The most recent renovations allowed The Big House to once again reclaim its title as the biggest in college football, after a brief stint in second place.

Legendary University of Michigan coach Fielding Yost had a major influence on the large size of the initial stadium. Although, the university and Yost agreed to a seating capacity of 72,000, Yost got the university to include plans to expand the number of seats to over 100,000 in the future.