What Is Mexico Famous For?

Holly Wilmeth/Taxi/Getty Images

Mexico is famous for many things, ranging from tourist attractions and exotic getaways to drug cartels and chocolate. For instance, Mexico boasts Los Cabos, one of the most famous beaches in the world.

Mexico is famous for its beaches and tourist attractions. Los Cabos is one of these beaches located on the Baja California peninsula. It stretches for 20 miles and is a popular vacation spot for those who want some fun and sun. Another famous tourist attraction is Palenque, an archaeological site showcasing the famous Mayan pyramids. Touropia also lists Teotihuacan as a famous site in Mexico. Also located in Mexico is the famous Pyramid of the Sun built 2,000 years ago.

Mexico is also famous, or infamous, for its drug cartels, which control large parts of Mexico and smuggle drugs into the United States. However, according to Random History, Mexico is famous for other exportable goods, namely chocolate and corn, which it first introduced to the world. Finally, Mexico is very famous for its food. This food has been copied and reproduced throughout the world, especially the United States, inspiring big name fast food services, mom and pop stores and gourmet restaurants that incorporate Mexican food into many cultures.