What Do the Men Wear in India?


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While it is popular among modern Indian men to dress themselves in Western attire, there are times when many still prefer to wear traditional garb. Some of this authentic clothing varies by region, as India is a vast and diverse place. The most common items are the kurta, dhoti, sherwani and lungi.

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The kurta, or kurta-pyjama, is a shirt that descends to the knee. It is customarily pastel in color and lacking a collar. While this was traditionally a man's garment, it can now be seen worn by females as well. The second item, the dhoti, is a long piece of cloth that functions similarly to a pant, but is unstitched. According to Culture India, it is “usually 5 yards long” and “tied around the waist and legs.” The sherwani is one of the most elegant traditional garments worn by Indian men. Like the kurta, it also comes down to the knee but is more a formal-style jacket, complete with a buttoned front and collar. It is typical to see Indian men wear the sherwani on special occasions, particularly weddings. Consequently, the sherwani is one of the more expensive garments an Indian man may invest in. The lungi, the final garment, is a portion of rectangular cotton fabric that is tied around the man's waist. Not entirely unlike a sarong, the lungi is especially popular in the hottest climates.

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