What Are Some Means of Transportation in Nigeria?

The most popular means of transportation in Nigeria include cars, buses, taxis, trains, bicycles, planes and boats. In the capital city of Abuja, road traffic is extremely slow, so many citizens choose to ride bicycles or motorized bikes that are more versatile than cars, taxis or buses.

Transportation in Nigeria is not much different than most other countries around the world. The usual methods of travel such as cars, trains, buses and bikes are very popular in Nigeria, and traffic jams in the major cities rival those in other major cities around the world.

If one is looking for transportation within a city, buses and personal taxis are available. Taxis are not always the safest option, but are quicker and more direct than the bus lines. Because of the massive traffic jams that can happen with cars and buses in cities like Lagos and Abuja, bicycles, motorcycles and mopeds are a popular mode of transportation for locals.

When traveling across the country from city to city, the best options are trains and buses. The public train system is not quite as developed as some Western countries, but buses are able to get travelers wherever they need to go for relatively cheap. Travelers should expect crowded public transportation with little amenities throughout Nigeria.