What Are Some Mayor Latin American Countries?


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Some major Latin American countries include Mexico, Brazil, and Columbia. Latin America encompasses all parts of the Americas south of the United States that primarily speak Spanish, Portuguese, or French

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As of 2015, Mexico is the second-most populous Latin American country and the most populous Spanish-speaking country overall, outranking even Spain. It also has the second largest economy in all of Latin America. Its biggest city, Mexico City, contains over 19 million people and ranks just below Sao Paulo as among the largest cities in the world.

Colombia is the third-most-populous Spanish-speaking country worldwide and the second-most populous in South America. It also boasts Latin America's oldest democratic government.

Brazil is a nation of firsts. It is the most populous country in South America and has the largest economy of any Latin American country. It also has the largest city in all of Latin America. Sao Paulo is just a few thousand short of being the largest city on either American continent, ranking just below New York City in the United States.

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