How Do Marriott Vacation Club Points Work?


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Marriott Vacation Club Points are internal currency within the Marriott Vacation Club system that can be used annually towards a timeshare vacation. They accrue annually through membership in the Marriott Vacation Club Destinations ownership program.

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Timeshare owners are required to make a one-time purchase for an annual allotment of Vacation Club Points when entering the ownership program. Based on the size of this purchase, timeshare owners are classified into different tiers within the ownership program. For example, purchasing an annual allotment of 1,500 points with a down payment of $1,899 falls within a lower tier than purchasing an annual allotment of 3,500 points with a down payment of $4,431. Higher tiers enjoy more benefits and also have more options and flexibility when spending Vacation Club Points.

Under the Vacation Club Points system, Marriott Vacation Club resort vacations are valued based on length of stay, location, season and accommodation size. Points count toward these resort vacations and other types of vacations such as tours, cruises and hotel stays. As of July 2015, there are more than 5,000 different vacation options for using Vacation Club Points.

The Vacation Club Points system allows for rollover and borrowing. It is possible to borrow from the following year's balance of points for use on the current year's vacation. Points are also bankable if they remain unused for the current year. Vacation Club Points are replenished annually for as long as membership in the ownership program remains valid.

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