How Do You Find a Map of the ZIP Codes in Albuquerque?


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City-data.com has a map of the ZIP codes in Albuquerque, New Mexico. With this map, a viewer can quickly determine under which ZIP code a given area of the city falls.

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How Do You Find a Map of the ZIP Codes in Albuquerque?
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The map clearly shows the boundaries of the city and the boundaries of each ZIP code at a glance. The map lets the user play with the way the map is viewed. Options include removing the borders between ZIP codes, filling each ZIP code with a different color for easier viewing, and hiding or showing the labels of each ZIP code.

The map is supplemented with a number of interesting statistics about the city, showing the population of the ZIP code, how many people living in that ZIP code are male or female, and how many sex offenders reside in a particular ZIP code.

Other information provided by the website about each ZIP code includes the population density, real estate property taxes, the unemployment rate, the estimated median household income, and the estimated median house or condo value. The site provides a thorough overview of key statistics anyone might want to know about each ZIP code, whether one is thinking of buying a house in the area or just trying to gather information about the area.

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