Are There Map Websites That Show the Miles Between Cities?

Several websites calculate or list the distance between cities both on the ground, for driving purposes, and in the air, for flying purposes. As of 2015, at least two websites calculate the distance between any two cities and then display the two points on a map with a line between them. Those two sites and other sites offer distance calculations for the United States, Europe, Asia, Australia and South America and for intercontinental distances. has two fields, From and To, in which users enter the cities of origin and destination. The website gives distance between two cities anywhere in the world in kilometers, miles and nautical miles and displays the cities on a world map. For example, if one enters Chicago in the From field and Shanghai in the To field and clicks the option "Air distance," the figure of 7,064 miles comes up. For intracontinental driving distances, users also fill out the From and To fields with the names of cities. For example, it is 926 miles from Chicago to New Orleans. operates similarly to, but the site displays distances for both land and air transport when applicable. The site gives both air and land distances for Anchorage to Seattle, for example. From Anchorage, Alaska, to Moscow, it is 4,439 miles as the crow flies, but the field for land travel is marked "N/A" for not applicable.