How Do You Get a Map of Florida's Cedar Key? and offer interactive maps of Florida's Cedar Key. also features an interactive map of the city, which visitors can personalize to show the locations of hotels, restaurants and other places of interest and which they can download and print. Rand McNally's Easy To Read Florida State Map and DeLorme's Florida Atlas & Gazetteer include detailed road maps of Cedar Key and surrounding areas.'s Cedar Keys map is an online Google Map that also shows the Cedar Keys National Wildlife Refuge located on neighboring Atsena Otie Key. Use the navigational tools on the left side of the map to zoom in for a closer view and to move around the map. Click and grab the yellow Pegman icon, and place it on the map to gain a street view of the area. Click the directional arrows on the map to move along the street.'s map is also based on a Google Map and highlights the main tourist locations. offers a customizable Cedar Keys street map. Click any icon in the tool bar, such as Hotels, Food or Grocery, to see the names and locations of relevant buildings appear on the map. Use the navigational tools on the right side of the map to view different areas and zoom in for a closer view. Click the globe icon to change the view to satellite, and click the arrow-in-a-box icon to send the map to an email address or mobile number. Click Print at the top of the side panel on the left to print off the map.