How Do You Find a Map of America With 50 States on It?

map-america-50-states Credit: VIsion/Getty Images

Locate maps of the United States with all 50 states via a generic maps website such as, a historical maps website such as or topical websites such as Each website provides U.S. maps that highlight different material, including cities, geography and historic progression of states. provides its U.S. map both as a free download for personal use and for purchase. The map shows all 50 states, as well as state capitals, rivers and lakes, mountains and important national sites. Additional U.S. maps available from the website include an airport map and national parks map. features U.S. maps showing the nation's development through its history. You can click on individual years under the map to see the development of the nation and the number of states existing at that time. Maps record the nation's composition back to its founding year of 1776 with intermittent years featured up to the present. has both a map showing all 50 states and major state cities and waterways, as well as a satellite map of the nation. The latter map shows topography across the continental United States, as well as landscape features such as forests and fields. Match this map with the state map to identify state topographical features.