How Do You Find a Map of the Airport Terminal Gate?

To find an airport terminal gate map, visit the airport's website and look for a link called Terminal Maps, Maps; depending on the airport, maps may be located in the website's Traveler Information section. Many airlines, including United Airlines and American Airlines, offer terminal gate maps on their websites. Look for the Travel Information section, navigate to the Airport Information page, and choose the airport to find gate maps.

Many airport and airline websites offer terminal gate maps in both image and PDF form. The PDF versions enable you to zoom in to see the gate information.

An airport terminal gate map provides a variety of information for travelers. It shows the layout of the terminal and explains how to get to the different concourses. Most maps also point out the tram stops, walkways, escalators or people movers that connect terminals, concourses and parking garages. Each concourse features gate labels to help you find the correct departure or arrival gate.

The level of detail on a terminal gate map varies by airport. Some maps provide information that is useful for travelers, such as the location of money exchanges, ATMs and restaurants. Many maps come with numbered keys to help you find a specific business.