How Do You Find a Map of the 13 Colonies?


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To find a map of the 13 colonies, conduct an Internet search for an "original U.S. colonies map," and select the World Atlas Map. The map shows that most of the original colonies kept their shape after the war of Independence from the British.

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The 13 original colonies are Virginia, Delaware, Pennsylvania, Georgia, New Jersey, Connecticut, Massachusetts Bay, South Carolina, New Hampshire, Maryland, New York, Rhode Island and Providence, and North Carolina. Georgia was the last of the original colonies established by the British in 1733.

One noting difference between the original colonies and a map of the United States today is the shape of Virginia. Originally named Jamestown, Virginia was the first colony established by the British in 1607, and it kept its large shape until 1861. West Virginia succeeded from Virginia in response to joining the confederacy and was admitted into the Union in 1863. The first formal government in America took place in Virginia in 1619.

Another region to note in the original map is the area around Vermont. When the original 13 colonies formed, the Vermont region was surrounded by New Hampshire, Massachusetts and New York. When Vermont gained statehood in 1791, it kept its defined boundaries.

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