How Many U.S. Cities Claim to Be "Home of the White Squirrels"?


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There are at least four towns in the United States that claim to be the "home" of white squirrels. These towns include Kenton, Tennessee; Olney, Illinois; Brevard, North Carolina; and Marionville, Missouri. These squirrels' unique coloring is a naturally occurring phenomenon that is typically not the product of albinism but a different form of gene mutation within the Eastern gray squirrel species.

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The towns that are home to large concentrations of white squirrels are often quite proud of this fact, and the white squirrel serves as an emblem of these communities. For example, the Olney police force features the image of a white squirrel on their uniform patch. In other locations, municipal laws help to protect the squirrels, including a Marionville law that imposes a $500 fine on anyone who traps a white squirrel.

Some white squirrels may be albinos, but in general, when there is a large population of squirrels with white fur concentrated in one area, these animals can be assumed to get their coloring from another source, particularly if they lack traditional symptoms of albinism, such as pink or red eyes.

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