How Many Taxis Are in New York?

many-taxis-new-york Credit: Walter Zerla/Image Source/Getty Images

As of 2012, there were a total of 13,237 taxi cabs operating in New York City. Approximately 82 percent of the cab drivers in New York are foreign born.

According to Statistic Brain, the 13,237 taxi cabs in New York are operated by 42,000 different taxi cab drivers. These taxi cabs provide transportation to 241 million taxi passengers. Each driver averages approximately 180 miles per shift. New York has a large percentage of the total taxi cab drivers in America; the 42,000 taxi cab drivers in New York make up almost 18 percent of the approximately 239,900 total taxi cab drivers nationwide. A projected 20 percent increase in jobs for cab drivers is expected over the next 10 years.