How Many People Died in the 1960 Chile Earthquake?

The 1960 earthquake in Chile caused approximately 1,655 deaths. Tsunamis resulting from the earthquake caused 61 deaths in Hawaii, 138 deaths in Japan and a report of 32 dead or missing in the Philippines.

The earthquake injured 3,000 people and left 2,000,000 people homeless. The earthquake caused $550 million in damages in Chile, 75 million in damages in Hawaii and 50 million in damages in Japan.

The historic earthquake began off the coast of Southern Chile. With a magnitude of 9.5, it is the largest, recorded earthquake of the 20th century. It occurred on May 22, 1960 at 7:11 p.m.

The earthquake was preceded by four foreshocks on May 21. The biggest foreshock had a magnitude of 7.9 and caused considerable damage to the city of Concepcion. Aftershocks continued for over five months, until Nov. 1, 1960.