How Many Islands Make up the Caribbean?

There are over 7,000 islands that are found in the Caribbean. Most of these islands are part of different territories and also are in different geographical groups like the Lesser and Greater Antilles. Although some islands like Puerto Rico are territories of certain countries, others are independent nations.

There also are very small and large islands in the Caribbean. Some of the larger and better known islands are Cuba, Puerto Rico, Saint Kitts, Antigua, Hispaniola and Jamaica. The islands of Cuba, Puerto Rico and Jamaica are part of the Greater Antilles, while an island like Antigua is part of the lesser Antilles.

The Caribbean, also called the West Indies, refers to the area surrounding the Caribbean Sea and its numerous islands. Europeans first came to this part of the world in 1492 when Columbus landed on Hispaniola, which is the island that consists of the two countries Haiti and the Dominican Republic. The Caribbean area is popular for tourist because of its warm weather and beaches.