What Do Malaysian People Eat?

malaysian-people-eat Credit: Jonathan Siegel/Moment/Getty Images

Traditional meals in Malaysia include a number of dishes with rice, vegetables and meat. Malaysian cuisine encompasses many recipes adapted from Chinese, Thai and Indian cooking. Common Malaysian meals feature seafood, fish, mutton or poultry. Malaysian people also frequent restaurants that serve foods from around the world.

A few classic Malaysian dishes include satay, nasi dagang and curry laksa. Satay is made with spiced and marinated pieces of chicken, beef or mutton that are chopped and skewered on bamboo strips. Nasi dagang is a breakfast of fish curry and rice. Curry laksa contains noodles, curry, bean sprouts, tofu, cockles and boiled chicken.

Different types of curry are often added to Malaysian meals for breakfast, lunch and dinner. Tropical fruits, coconut milk and eggs are frequently used ingredients in recipes. Some traditional dishes call for various spices, such as nutmeg, cinnamon or cloves.

Dessert is widely enjoyed in Malaysia. Cake and candy shops sell a range of sweets. Bakeries sell goodies such as cheesecake, cupcakes, custard puffs, muffins and sweet breads. Carrot cake is also a favorite dessert in the country.

There are many restaurants in Malaysia that offer foods from other countries, such as France, Italy, Japan and India. American fast food, pancake houses and Japanese sushi restaurants are very popular.