How Do You Make a Pin Map?


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You can make a pin map yourself using a printed world map and a few other supplies. Gather the following: a printed world map, foam core boards (at least as big as the map), cork tiles (at least as big as the map), duct tape, a craft knife, a pencil, a ruler, spray adhesive and pushpins.

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First, make the backing for the map. Cut the foam core to the size of the map. If one sheet of foam core is not large enough, attach several using duct tape along the seams. When the foam backing is the correct size, use spray adhesive to attach the cork tiles to one side. Be sure the workspace is well-ventilated when using spray adhesive.

Once the adhesive has set, put the world map on top of the backing and make sure the edges line up. If the map is too big, use a pencil to mark where to trim the edges. Trim the edges using the craft knife and a ruler to keep the cuts straight. Spray the adhesive on the back of the map, and carefully stick it to the cork side of the backing. Leave it flat on the floor or a table until it has dried completely.

Once the map has dried, use the pushpins to mark places as desired.

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