How Do You Make an Online Treasure Map?


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Create an online treasure map by uploading clues, hints and items to find to an Internet-based scavenger hunt program or a customized web site. Provide links to clues online for participants to access via mobile applications or desktop programs.

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  1. Map out treasure locations

    Determine the location of where the treasures will be hidden within a specific geographic area. Mark down the locations to keep track when uploading clues online.

  2. Collect images and clues

    Write clues that will lead the participants to specific locations and items throughout the treasure hunt. Include images to provide additional hints. Print out the clues and images, and paste them to a map or piece of construction paper. Pre-made map templates can be printed from treasure map websites.

  3. Upload content to a website

    Scan in the map, clues and images to upload to a customized website designed for the treasure hunt. If a customized website is not desirable, consider uploading the treasure hunt information to an online site specializing in treasure hunts. Users can input clues, maps and images that can be accessed by participants before, during and after the treasure hunt. Many of these programs also feature capabilities to access the treasure map via a smartphone or tablet.

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