How Do You Make an Alphabetical List of the United States?


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Create a list of U.S. states by using a list sorting program, many of which, such as The Alphabetizer, are available online. For The Alphabetizer, enter the states in any order and select the alphabetize option - the list is then reordered top to bottom from A to Z.

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How Do You Make an Alphabetical List of the United States?
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A list of U.S. States is accessible at liststates.com, which alphabetizes the list of states without additional user input required, and includes a list of countries and subdivisions of some of those countries. It does not, however, sort custom lists, and can only provide alphabetized lists of the aforementioned information in various formats. To acquire a plain text list, set the format to start a new line for each state or subdivision listed alphabetically, separate the items with commas or number them, and then click 'generate'. List sorts in select HTML formats are on the right side of the screen and include line breaks, bulleting, numbering, and a select box or drop-down list format.

Other programs which offer alphabetizing or list sorting functions include Microsoft Word, OpenOffice Writer and OpenOffice Calculator. All three of the listed programs required download and installation on the user's computer to sort lists, whereas the two websites listed above do not require any further commitment on the user's end.

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