What Are the Major Regions of Vietnam?


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The major regions of Vietnam include the Northeast, Northwest, Southeast, Mekong River Delta and Red River Delta. The remaining three regions are the North Central Coast, South Central Coast and Central Highlands. In total, Vietnam possesses over 60 individual provinces and five centrally administered cities.

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What Are the Major Regions of Vietnam?
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The Northeast region of Vietnam is particularly mountainous and contains 11 of the nation's 63 provinces. While the Northwest region boasts only four provinces, they are split evenly along two of Vietnam's most important borders, which are those with Laos and China. The Southeast region lies just to the north of the Mekong Delta, and it is home to the important urban center, Ho Chi Minh City. The North and South Central Coast regions contain six and seven provinces, respectively, and they constitute much of the slender middle portion of the country.

While perhaps the smallest region, the Red River Delta has a high population as well as the national capital of Hanoi. Like the Red River region, the Mekong Delta region also administers only a few provinces, but it is also populous, lying in the southernmost portion of Vietnam. The central Highland region is to the west of the Southeast and South Central Coast regions, and it is quite mountainous. Although populated mainly by minorities, many ethnic Vietnamese also make their homes there.

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