What Are Some Major Products That Are Made in Florida?

Florida’s leading manufactured goods are food, electrical and electronic equipment, medical and laboratory equipment, and transportation equipment. In 2013, the state exported about $7.8 million of aircraft units, parts and engines, and $4.4 million for phones for cellular or for wireless networks. The state is also known worldwide for producing citrus products, such as oranges, grapefruit and limes.

The aerospace industry is the top manufacturing industry and largest employer in Florida. It is followed by medical equipment and supplies, printing and publishing sectors, semiconductor and electronic components and electronic instruments. Piper Aircraft, one of the global icons in aircraft manufacturing, operates in Vero Beach, Florida. It manufactures Beechcraft and Cessna planes. The hand-assembled Tibor Wheels, the favorite fly-fishing reel of former President Bush, is made in Florida.

The agriculture industry in the state is one of the leading contributors to the state’s net wealth. Tropicana, the largest buyer of citrus products, was founded in the state in 1947. The state also produces Florida Crystals, the only certified organic sugar cultivated in the United States. Florida is the second-largest producer of citrus products in the world, next to Brazil. Other major crops in the state include peanuts, cotton, hay, corn, soybeans and wheat. Aside from grain and fruit crops, Florida is also the leading producer of indoor plants in the country and the second producer of nursery and greenhouse products, next to California.