What Are Some of the Major Oil Wells in Oklahoma?


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Some major oil wells in Oklahoma include the wells found in Carter, Ellis and Stephens counties, which are the top producing counties in the state. The vast majority of the state's oil wells are located on the western side of Oklahoma.

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To set up an oil well, professionals select the site and determine its boundaries, conducting impact studies to determine whether the oil digging may damage the environment beyond manageable levels. Once the surveys are complete, the crew settles the legal issues and prepares the drilling project.

During this stage, the land is cleared, leveled and outfitted with access roads for oil-related infrastructure systems. Water is used extensively during drilling, and crews typically drill a water well before they begin the oiling process if there is no nearby natural source of water.

After the land is prepared, the crew sets up holes and dig sites for the rig. The main hole is the one drilled for the oil, and the assisting holes keep the rig level and provide it with structural support for the operation. Additional holes are also made to provide the crew with a temporary place to store their equipment. Different types of equipment are also carted in, depending on the remoteness of the job site.

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