What Major Landmarks Are on Maps of Egypt and Israel?


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Major geographical landmarks on maps of Egypt and Israel include the Negev Desert, the Great Rift Valley, the Sinai Peninsula, the Arabian Desert and the Red Sea Mountains. Some of the water landmarks are the Mediterranean Sea, the Red Sea, the Dead Sea, the Jordan River and the Nile River.

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Israel and Egypt are neighbors on the southeastern edge of the Mediterranean Sea with Israel just northeast of Egypt. Israel's geography starts with the fertile coastal plain along the Mediterranean Sea that stretches south to Egypt's Sinai Peninsula and north to Lebanon. Just east of the coastal plain run the Samarian hills and Galilee's mountains including Mt. Meron, the highest point of the country at 3,900 feet above sea level. East of the mountains and north of the Dead Sea and the Jordan River lies the start of the Great Rift Valley. South of the Dead Sea is the Negev Desert.

The Negev Dessert turns into the Sinai Desert on the Sinai Peninsula, the eastern-most point of Egypt. The Sinai Peninsula, separated from the rest of Egypt by the Suez Canal, turns into the Red Sea, Egypt's eastern border. The east of Egypt is characterized by the north-flowing Nile River. Around the river lies the fertile Nile Valley. The Western Desert and Libyan Desert make up the bulk of the country west of the Nile River with the Red Sea Mountains in the southwestern corner.

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