What Are the Major Landforms in Jordan?

The three major land features of Jordan are the Jordan Valley, the Mountain Heights Plateau and the Western Desert or Badia region. These three contrasting regions give surprising diversity to Jordan's landscape, from fertile valleys and lush uplands in the west to dry deserts in the east.

The Jordan Valley is part of the Great Rift Valley of Africa, extending from southern Turkey through the Levant down through the Red Sea and Dead Sea and into eastern Africa. The Jordan Valley is the agricultural center of Jordan, using the waters from the Jordan River in the region known as the Ghor. Most of Jordan's people live in the Mountain Heights Plateau, with its comparatively abundant vegetation and Mediterranean climate. The northern part of this region is historically known as Gilead. The Badia region in the east of the country comprises 75 percent of the landmass of Jordan. It is a part of the North Arab Desert.