What Is the Major Industry in Afghanistan?

Major industries in Afghanistan include the production of bricks, textiles, food items, handwoven rugs, coal and copper. Approximately 21.8 percent of Afghanistan's economy is based in industry, and approximately 24.6 percent of the country's economy is based in agriculture and livestock, primarily wheat, fruit, wool and mutton, as of 2015. The rest of the economy is service-based.

As of 2015, Afghanistan is an extremely poor country that is recovering from decades of war and control by the Taliban regime. It has one of the lowest living standards in the world and remains dependent on aid from other countries. Agricultural regions in the country have recovered and Afghanistan has seen a growth in its service sector. Afghanistan has many natural resources used in industry, such as natural gas, coal, copper and iron. The country has also seen an increase in trade with the United States, with handwoven rugs a popular import into the U.S.

Afghanistan is located in south Asia, east of Iran and northwest of Pakistan. Its capital is Kabul. Afghanistan's land is comprised of primarily mountains, with plains in the southwest and north of the country. It has an arid climate, with hot summers and cold winters. Approximately 12 percent of its land can be used in agriculture.