What Are the Major Features of Redwood National Park?


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Redwood National Park features 856 flora species, including coastal redwood trees, wildflowers, spruce and Douglas fir. The park features 40 miles of coastline consisting of cliffs, hills and beaches. Approximately 75 mammalian species live in the park, including black bears, coyotes, sea lions and 13 species of bats. Sea lions live on the coast, and visitors can sometimes see gray whales off the coast. The park's prairies provide a habitat for Roosevelt elk.

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The 131,983-acre Redwood National Park encompasses four state parks and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site. It is located on California's coast near the Oregon border in the most seismically active region of the United States, with frequent earthquakes that can trigger tsunami warnings. Redwood Creek follows the Grogan fault, a major geological feature in the park. The Smith River and the Klamath River provide sport fishing and scenic views.

The park's temperature is usually between 40 and 60 degrees year-round with fog and rain. The coastal region can be windy. Fog accounts for about 40 percent of the park's precipitation and is essential to the coastal redwoods' growth.

The park maintains four campgrounds, five visitor centers and over 200 miles of trails for hiking, bicycling and horseback riding.

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