What Are Some Major Events in Utah's History?


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Utah joined the United States of America as the union's 45th state on Jan. 4, 1896. In 1913, the state adopted an official state flag that included both the date of statehood and 1847, the year that Brigham Young established the area as a haven for followers of Mormonism.

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Mormon presence in Utah goes back before statehood. In 1848, Mormon pioneers experienced a plague of crop-destroying locust. A large flock of seagulls purportedly came to the area and destroyed the locust, leading the Mormons to establish Seagull Monument at Temple Square. Brigham Young's group established Salt Lake City, which later became the capitol city of Utah, in 1847. Salt Lake City became an important settlement site during the California Gold Rush, and during the Civil War, several soldiers lived in the area.

On May 10, 1869, Promontory Summit in Utah Territory became the site of the joining of the Union and Central Pacific Railroads into a transcontinental railroad spanning the entire nation. The Golden Spike Ceremony celebrated the event with four precious metal spikes.

As of 2015, Utah's driest period on record was the drought of 1976-1977, where the state received only 7.7 inches of precipitation.

Utah was the third state to allow women to vote.

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