What Are Some Major Counties in Texas?


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Some major counties in Texas include Travis County, which contains Austin, the state capital, and Harris County, which contains Houston. Other counties are Presidio, El Paso, Brewster, Webb and Crockett. Still others are Atascosa, Dallas, Jim Hogg, Jim Wells and Zapata.

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Though Presidio County is one of the largest counties in Texas in area, at 3,855.24 square miles, as of 2014 its estimated population was 6,976. There were only two people per square mile in Presidio County. By contrast, Dallas County, which is 871.28 square miles in area, had an estimated population of 2,518,638 as of 2014. This is 113 people per square mile.

Jim Hogg County, located in Texas's Rio Grande Plain, was named after Governor James Hogg, who was the first governor of Texas to be born in the state. He was governor from 1891 to 1895. Jim Wells County, which borders Jim Hogg County, was named after James Babbage Wells, Jr., a politician who had a hand in the economic prosperity of the area.

Crockett County is located in the southwest of Texas, on Edwards Plateau. It was named after the frontiersman Davy Crockett. Zapata County, a 1,058-square mile county in the south of Texas, was named after Colonel Jose Antonio de Zapata, who rebelled against Mexican rule. The county seat is Zapata.

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