What Are the Major Bodies of Water in Arkansas?

The major bodies of water in Arkansas include the Arkansas River, Mississippi River, Ouachita River, Red River, St. Francis River and White River. These rivers collect water from numerous streams in the state and divide Arkansas into different watersheds.

The Mississippi River is one of the most important in the state and is used heavily for the transportation of goods. Other rivers in the state are popular with tourists including the Buffalo National River. The state is also home to naturally occurring bubbling hot springs located in Hot Springs National Park. It is the smallest National Park in the United States and tourists flock there every year to soak in its waters. Mammoth Spring is the largest spring in the state. Located in the Northern part of Arkansas, it flows into a 10-acre lake.

Several man-made lakes also exist in Arkansas and they provide ample recreation for residents and tourists. Some of these lakes include Bull Shoals Lake, Lake Ouachita, Beaver Lake, Table Rock Lake, DeGray Lake, Lake Hamilton, Lake Catherine, Lake Dardanelle and Greers Ferry Lake. Another major landform in Arkansas is the Ozark mountains. Many small rivers and streams are located within the mountain range. It is also home to many wildlife and plant species.