How Do the Major Airlines' Luggage Weight Limits Compare?


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While luggage weight limits vary depending on the airline and, in some cases, the destination and ticket class, the standard weight limit for a checked bag on a flight in the United States is 50 pounds, as of 2015. Major airlines that use this limit include Southwest, American Airlines and Delta Airlines. Airlines also have size limits for carry-on bags, but these limits are dimensions instead of weight.

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European flights often have lower weight limits for checked bags than American flights; typically, 40 pounds per bag. While American Airlines has a weight limit of 50 pounds for each checked bag, the limit rises to 70 pounds for flights in Brazil.

The weight limit for checked bags on Delta Airlines flights varies based on the passenger's ticket class. Passengers in the main cabin have a weight limit of 50 pounds per bag. Passengers in the Delta One class, first class or business class have a weight limit of 70 pounds per bag.

Depending on the airline and the passenger's ticket class, the passenger may have to pay an additional fee for each checked bag. If the passenger's bag exceeds the weight limit, he may be able to pay an additional fee to check the bag.

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