What Is the Main Religion in Holland?

As of 2012, the main religion in Holland is Roman Catholicism. An estimated 29 percent of the 16.7 million people in the population profess this faith. However, an even larger percentage, 42 percent, profess no religion at all.

Holland, otherwise known as the Netherlands, also has a large Protestant population. The main Protestant denominations are Dutch Reformed and Calvinist, which claim 11 and 6 percent of the population, respectively. Other Protestant groups make up 3 percent of the population. The Muslim population in the Netherlands is around 5.7 percent and is largely comprised of asylum seekers from Iraq, Somalia and the Balkans. Other religions make up the last 2.2 percent of the population, including a population of Jews estimated to be between 30,000 and 45,000, a population of Hindus that numbers between 100,000 and 215,000 and a Buddhist community of around 17,000 members.