Where Are Maglev Trains Located?

maglev-trains-located Credit: Walter Bibikow/Photolibrary/Getty Images

The world's first commercial Maglev line opened in 2004 and is located in Shanghai, China. The line connects Pudong International Airport to Longyang Road in Eastern Shanghai. Subsequent lines were built in Japan and South Korea.

The Chinese line covers a distance of 19 miles, and the average speed on the line is 165 miles per hour. The total journey time between the two stations on the Shanghai Maglev line is 7 minutes, arrivals are timed to the second with a punctuality rate of 99.97 percent.

Two other Maglev systems exist in Aichi, Japan and Daejeon, South Korea. The Japanese line extends for 5.6 miles and has six stops, while the South Korean Maglev was built for an International Expo and covers only 0.62 miles.