What Are the Luggage Regulations for WestJet?

What Are the Luggage Regulations for WestJet?

WestJet and WestJet Encore allow each passenger one carry-on bag and one personal item at no charge. Based on flight type, a charge may apply for checked luggage. A piece of checked luggage weighing more than 50 pounds or measuring over 62 inches long is subject to a fee, as of 2015. Baggage heavier than 100 pounds or longer than 80 inches requires special handling.

Carry-on luggage cannot exceed 21 inches by 9 inches by 15 inches. The personal carry-on item cannot exceed 16 inches by 6 inches by 13 inches.

Fees for additional luggage range from $25 to $88.50 per item, based on flight type and total baggage pieces. Oversized and overweight baggage is subject to a fee ranging from $75 to $88.50 per item.

WestJet waives baggage fees for all active duty military personnel, as well as retired Canadian military personnel. WestJet flights allow military members to check up to four pieces of luggage at no additional cost and WestJet Encore allows a maximum of three. Military identification is required and exemptions apply.

WestJet allows each passenger one piece of baggage containing humanitarian aid at no additional cost. The flight must leave from Canada, passengers must pack humanitarian aid and personal belongings separately, and oversize and overweight baggage fees apply.

The airline allows one assistive device, such as a wheelchair or approved mobility device, per passenger at no additional charge. It also allows walkers, crutches, canes and braces for no fee and two pieces of infant equipment at no charge for each lap-held infant. The airline allows a fare-paying child one piece of equipment at no fee.