How Do You Get Low Fares From Southwest Airlines?

Robert Alexander/Archive Photos/Getty Images

The best way to find low fares from Southwest Airlines is to book through the official website, according to Southwest Airlines. Travelers can take advantage of the website’s low fare calendar, which shows when the cheapest flights will take place in the near future.

There are no special dates or times that guarantee low airline fares, as reported by USA Today. However, there are ways to keep informed about deals offered by Southwest Airlines that may lower fare prices.

  1. Subscribe via email
  2. Southwest Airlines offers an email subscription newsletter called Click ‘n Save, which distributes discounts and deals on a weekly basis. Frequent travelers might find this useful, as may travelers who know they will be booking a flight soon.

  3. Find deals on the website
  4. Southwest Airlines also offers other ways to help travelers save. The “Top Offers” section of the website advertises deals and discounts on other travel-related expenses, such as hotel stays and car rental fees.

  5. Follow Southwest Airlines on social media
  6. Consumers can follow Southwest Airlines on Twitter and Facebook to receive news about special promotions. Other airlines also feature social media accounts.

Southwest Airlines is based in Dallas, Texas, and schedules nearly 3,500 flights per day from commercial airports throughout the United States. The company launched in June 1971. Southwest Airlines offers several advantages for budget-conscious travelers, including a bags-fly-free policy that allows customers to check luggage at no additional cost, as stated by InvestorRoom.