What Are Some Low-Cost Options for Places to Stay When Traveling?


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Low-cost travel accommodation options include hostels, short-term room rentals, academic housing, camping and hospitality exchanges. Taking advantage of hotel discounts can also offer substantial savings to travelers.

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Depending on the traveler's specific needs, there are a variety of alternatives to staying in expensive hotels. Staying in a hostel is generally about 80 percent less expensive than booking a hotel room, which makes it an excellent option for travelers who don't mind staying in a room with other people. Hostels also offer an excellent opportunity to meet other travelers while on the road.

Short-term room rentals are another great option for travelers who don't mind less privacy. With short-term room rentals, a room is rented in a privately owned house or apartment of a local in the destination city.

Many universities and colleges offer low-cost accommodations in dorms while students are away for the summer. Summer is also an excellent time to take advantage of camping, which is generally less than half the price of a standard hotel room.

Several hotels offer discounts to various groups of people such as students, teachers, members of the military and emergency personnel. Inquiring with hotels about available discounts to special groups can save as much as 50 percent on the cost of renting a room.

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