What Are Some Facts About the Los Angeles Metro Rail System?

What Are Some Facts About the Los Angeles Metro Rail System?

The Los Angeles Metro Rail system celebrated its 25th year in operation in 2015. The 87 miles of track have transported 1.5 billion people since the first line opened in 1990. The transportation system is only second to New York City for the highest number of people who use it in the nation.

The six metro lines stop at popular L.A. tourist centers: the Red line travels to Hollywood and Chinatown, the Green line shuttles people back and forth from Los Angeles International Airport, the Gold line has stops in Pasadena and Little Tokyo, and the Blue line ends in Long Beach.

The 2003 film “The Italian Job” shot a car chase using the Hollywood/Highland Station and the 7th/Metro Center Station. Tom Cruise in “Minority Report” used the L.A. transit system to try to escape capture, and the TV series “Metro” used the Red line as the location of a secret agency between Union Station and Civic

Center. 51 shoots, including commercials for BMW and McDonald's, were done using the Metro Rail system in nine months during 2012.

Video shoots mainly occur at night on the Metro Rail, and production companies pay over $6,000 on average for use of the trains for six hours.